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‘Humiliation of Heidi’ (2020)
116601458_2716771108544567_4366498709608330236_nThe audio of Jamie Gillis’ “Humiliation of Heidi” resonates like a long descent into Hell. While the video put you in a position of voyeur and witness, this tape is making you feel trapped in the room with them. There is no escape. Sadomasochism in its purest form. “It is meant to hurt!!”
First edition of 20, hand numbered, with a red case.
Second edition of 20 with clear case.

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‘Clean, Shaven’ OST (2020)
116156769_337773190726315_932154423714261094_nSince no official soundtrack exists, I decided to make one, mostly because the sounds are an essential part of this amazing movie. I hope those who enjoy the film as much as me will appreciate, and the others too! Watch Clean, Shaven !
After a man suffering from schizophrenia is released from a mental institution, he is desperately trying to get his daughter back from her adoptive family. He attempts to function in a world where sounds invade his very being, filled with strange voices, static noise, buzzes, blurred radio podcasts, along with sudden emotional shifts, never completely at rest. He is then persuaded that he has receivers transmitters medically implanted in parts of his body, and has to remove them with scissors or knives. He clings to his humanity like a raft, barely afloat in a sea of terror. Through his travels, he becomes wrapped up in the investigation of the murder of another young girl. The director Lodge Kerrigan said about the movie “I really tried to examine the subjective reality of someone who suffered from schizophrenia, to try to put the audience in that position to experience how I imagined the symptoms to be: auditory hallucinations, heightened paranoia, dissociative feelings, anxiety”
20 copies come in blue case. 
10 in clear case.
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Creepin’ In Memphis (2018)

DJ Zirk “2 Thick” is one of the most influential tracks of the Memphis rap, especially when it comes to Three Six Mafia, so it’s with honors that it takes the first place in this mix. DJ Paul and Juicy J sampled the song for over than 16 tracks… That’s right ! So listen to it carefully and try to guess where did you hear it, and this sax… Oh yes this sax.

– SIDE A DJ Zirk – 2 Thick / Tommy Wright III – Manslaughter / DJ Paul – Sweet Robbery (Part I) / Frayser Click – Load Da Ammo / Tom Skee Mask – Niggas Watch Your Back / Lo Key – On That Devil Shit / Princess Loko – Loko 4 Real / Mack DLE – Buddah / Carmike & Lil Noid – Let’s Run A Train -SIDE B Criminal Mafia – Fuck A Trick / N.O.D. – Fuck Da World / Project Pat – Redrum / Triple Sixe Mafia – Paul Wit Da 45 / Player 1 & Bloody Bones – Back 2 Da Dope Track / Blackout – No Witnesses / DJ Spanish Fly – Cement Shoes
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DJ Screw “Live Slow” (2018)


“Screwed and Chopped” is common knowledge, used all the time for every shitty slowed down songs. But like Scarface from the Geto Boys said ”Screw was a man, so how can anything be ‘screwed’ if he’s no longer with us?”.
Born Robert Earl Davis in 1971 in Smithville, Texas. DJ Screw was found dead in his studio in Houston on November 16 2000, from an overdose of codeine mixed with Valium and PCP. But during his short life, he put out more mixtapes than any DJ, creating a whole new style of music that leads him to earn the nickname of ”The Originator”.
Read the article on DJ Screw published on Neons here, with quotes from Screw’s longtime friends : http://neonsfanzine.blogspot.com/2016/10/dj-screw_74.html

I’ve chosen 8 tracks over all my favorites from DJ Screw mixtapes for this cassette. The first one is “Keep Your Head Up” by Above The Law, and if I’m correct, it’s the type of songs rappers were sending directly to DJ Screw to screw and chop them, so there is no track of the “original” recording. Anyway, this one is eery… Out of body experiences may happen. Favorite, no doubt. “Westside, Gangsta, & the Drug Dealer”, I put it even though the sound is weirder to mix, because it’s the perfect example of DJ Screw’s technique, his precision,his professionalism. He could feel everything. He’s letting the song play and at one point just go back to the beginning and chop the song like crazy, screw it with style, put back the word or the sentence or whole verse all over again, so precise, no sloppy move with him. He’s God. He’s Screw.
– SIDE A / Keep Your Head Up – Above The Law / The Gangsta, The Killa & The Drug Dealer – Westside Connection / Picture Me Rollin’ – Tupac / Realest Rhymin’ – E.S.G. & Lil Flip / Excerpts of local TV report + rare Screw and SUC members itw by Pimp C (U.G.K.) at the Screw shop – SIDE B / One Day – UGK / Killin’ Em Up – C-Bo / The World Of Mine – Big Mike / Still DRE – Dr Dre

Mobb Deep “Infamous Demo” (2018)

Here’s Mobb Deep’s original demo tape befor their first masterpiece The Infamous (1995), recorded between ’93 and ’94. Two or three different demos are available online, but they all have between 6 and 9 songs, when for years I collected the group’s demos and could count 12 tracks for this demo. I thought that I could try to arrange them together and mix them the best I can (as the sound differs from a track to another). I love Mobb Deep, they’re one of my favorite rap group since I’m a young teenager so I’m proud to share this demo with you. Aside from having a few exclusive cuts that did not make the original album (the cult classic “Paddy Shop” with Big Noyd, “Lifestyles Of The Infamous” “If It’s Alright’…), it also has completely pre-worked versions of classic tracks with different beats and alternate lyrics. The version of “Give Up The Goods” worth the listen only for that dope beat and the sick Big Noyd’s verse. I swear. That’s some high-level street storyyelling right there !! For the anecdote, “Keepin It Real” verses were used on “QU Hectic” on the final album, coupled with the hook from “Hectic”. Classic, classic, classic. Even just for that “Shook Ones” demo. The first step towards the best rap song ever created. It’s street, raw, lo-fi, but fire and rare, so enjoy!!
– SIDE A Give Up The Goods (ft Big Noyd) / Keepin’ It Real / Lifestyles Of The Infamous / Hectic / Survival Of The Fittest / Paddy Shop (ft Big Noyd) -SIDE B Up North Trip (ft General Germ) / Light ‘Em Up / If It’s Alright (ft Big Noyd) / Trife Life / Shook Ones (original) / The Bridge ’94 (ft Big Noyd)
Prodigy, rest in peace.
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‘Poing de Force’ OST (2018)
Image2An official soundtrack for this type of underground gay BDSM films obviously never existed, so now it does!
The first part follow the chronological order of the movie, and then at the end, I took a specific part, one of my favorite, really dark and oppressive, and slowed it down to the point of being lost in a nightmare of negative drone and creepy synth tones. Poing De Force is a french rough movie directed by Jean-Estienne Siry in 1976. Siry managed to create a dark, claustrophobic setting in a filthy appartment. It begins like a real documentary on the french S/M universe, a bare-chested young guy with a leather jacket on and a bondage mask is interviewed while eating, explaining he’s wearing this mask because five years ago he was the victim of a crash accident that sent him to the hospital with a third degree burn on the whole face. When the reporter asks if he’s wearing it all the time, he smiles and replies that it’s only to turn people on… Read the whole article on Poing de Force here : http://neonsfanzine.blogspot.com/2017/08/leather-kings-born-to-raise-hell-poing.html
A nerve-racking soundtrack, made of synth effects and a drone buzz sounding like a mix of power electronics and a nightmarish Tangerine Dream on heroin. The perfect background music for the masked man, ready to set up his little game, from blowjobs, to leather fetish licking, to rough beatings and floggings, water torture head in the toilets, his sub has it all. Until the climax, where the masked man butter-creams his hands and wrists to double fist fuck his slave like a turkey on thanksgiving. A must-see.

Skimask Troopaz & Triple Six Mafia “Smoked Out Loced Out” very limited unofficial reissues with alternative covers. Summer 2018.
R-14084937-1567547472-9880.jpeg    R-14084975-1567548198-2463.jpeg